Guild Elementary School

House Council Infomericials on Reading@Home

During Parent Teacher Conferences families stopped in to play Bingo for Books.  Bingo for Books engages our Guild families in a fun-filled learning opportunity as they attend Parent/Teacher Conferences. Families practice sight words as they work together to get “Bingo” and win a free book of their choosing. After every 5 “Bingos” a content strategy that can be implemented at home was shared in the form of a previously videoed “infomercial.” A different infomercial is shared after every 5 winners. 5th Grade House Council members were used in the infomercials to demonstrate these strategies being shared.

Check out their informericals and start reading!!!

                       B-Begin by choosing a good fit book! (Auquitas)

                       I-Increase time spent reading! (Dignitas)

                       N-Nurture conversations! Talk about what you are reading! (Fidelis)

                       G-Grab the remote! TV is not the enemy! (Sinceri)

                       O-One more time! Re-reading is helpful! (Virtui)

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